More Photo Back Drop DIYs.

Not too long ago, I shared a post with you guys about creating your own photo back drops! You can see my process and post here. I’ve loved using these gorgeous and super simple backgrounds for all my photos lately. It really makes the quality and creative flare of my photography pop. During the first round, I only made three though and I’ve been on the look out for any more styles that would compliment my blog and ideas. While perusing through Target the other day, I ran into some lovely wrapping paper that I knew I needed as backgrounds. These sheets just couldn’t be passed by. So, I grabbed two more large white dry erase styrofoam boards, my tape and scissors, and of course, my new paper!

This weekend I sat down with all of that, and made two more pretty backdrops. I’m already in love with them and using them for photoshoots for future posts.

— Brey

40 thoughts on “More Photo Back Drop DIYs.

  1. I really need some backdrops, especially for my recipe posts. I have a very small kitchen and it is very hard to get a decent shot without something I don’t want in the background. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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