I Got Into Grad School!!

Two weeks ago I wrote this post about my long journey on finally applying to a graduate program. I have been checking my mail box, biting my nails, and wringing my hands everyday, needing to know if I will be starting my new academic adventure or not.

Well, at the end of this past work week, I went to Chipotle, frustrated from the day I just endured. As I stood in line, anticipating the burrito-y goodness that was awaiting me, I saw what looked like a spam email in my professional email inbox. Lots of capital letters, a parentheses, something, something “non-degree”. OH WAIT, that’s what I applied to.


“we are pleased to offer you admission for the Spring 2016 semester…”

Let the celebrations begin!
That night I spent hours picking the perfect schedule, searching “rate my professor”, applying for FAFSA, and squealing with delight. Almost four days later, I’m still reviewing my options, considering my plan of action, and yes, definitely still squealing.


I am currently signed up for three classes. Which means I am hesitantly planning on going full time at school while also working full time. There’s a few reasons for this. One, is I want to see how much FAFSA will be awarded to me (I can only get some if I’m full time but I’m not 100% non-degree students get any). I also want to try out the classes to see if I can push myself and do this much. And honestly, I couldn’t pick between which three courses I wanted, so I picked all of them. I keep reminding myself that I have about 2-3 weeks at the start semester to get a full refund if it turns out to be too much. Much more on that later.

But, I now have three, interesting, hardcore, graduate classes signed up for and ready to go in 55 days! That’s a little under two months for me to get my head (and life) straight, and build up all the courage and discipline to knock all of this out of the park.

I know this was a quick update, but trust me, more on this subject will come. Possibly more financial info, my class schedule, my long term semesters outline, etc. For now though, I’ll continue to celebrate and bask in pride for a few more days!

— Brey