How I’m Coping with Blogging Burnout.

I keep feeling like Ordinary Adventures has been one big stutter for the past few weeks. I keep hesitating with my ideas, my blog posts aren’t as crisp, I skipped a day, and a lot of it has been me sharing some personal struggles. I’ve felt like there is a scratch on the turn table and I keep rewinding to my previous step. I know I’m still ahead of the game in some areas, but that’s only because of how far I’ve pushed myself. And I’ve loved every minute, so I don’t want to stop now! Although, I’m not going to be too hard on myself, my life has taken a complete 160 since summer ended, but I long to keep moving forward with my blogging journey.

My life has become a whirlwind, I have a whole new schedule, I keep dreaming of lofty goals, but nothing is coming out of my keyboard. I’m tired, honestly. I’ve changed my sleep schedule, my work hours have changed, I’m more exhausted then ever before, and I am not sure how to successfully juggle everything that’s going on. Between everything that’s happening, Ordinary Adventures has been falling through the cracks a little. I guess what it all boils down to is, I’m experiencing blogging burnout.

I’ve just been figuring this all out this weekend, so bear with me here. But I’ve checked the symptoms, and it’s a clear prognosis, I’m burnt out! Already I’ve been searching my favorite sites, my own feelings, and putting together a plan of action to get me out of this month long funk. I have a few tips that are already kicking my butt back into gear, hopefully they’ll keep me going!

Any post goes.
As a lifetsyle blogger, I am constantly aiming to produce top notch, inspiring posts. Usually things like reviews, recipes, DIYs, or like this, blogging tips. I usually feel like Bingeables, journal posts, life updates, etc. are just kind of cop outs. But when I don’t prepare a post for that day, and I’m raging with emotions or completely wiped out, the best thing I can do is sit down, vent it out, and share it with you all. And so far, you guys have been so accepting and patient with all my journal posts as of late, even though I’ve felt guilty over it. I am now realizing that sharing what my life is about (the good and the bad) can definitely be a part of my lifestyle theme and something I can integrate and appreciate. At the very least, those posts are usually better than no posts!

Embrace it. Take the day off.
Embrace your burnout! Take a day, or even a whole week to just unplug from the blogging world and relax. I have been extremely hesitant to do this because I always see such a great responses to daily posts and my stats have flourished because of that. But sometimes, it’s the only thing you can do. There was a day last week that I couldn’t even muster a post about my life, a favorite TV show, anything.  If I can’t even write about something easy and that I love, then it’s worth taking a down day of stats and rejuvenating myself.

Plan the whole week/month.
One of the biggest problems I have faced since I have been feeling burnt out, is my lack of planning. During burn out, I don’t even know if I want to write anything that day, let alone what I will write next week. Yesterday, I planned out the rest of my week with fun, easy posts that will get me back into the swing of things. Each one is stress free, and gives me time to keep planning, and do some actual prep work for bigger, better posts for the rest of the month.

Refocus and review goals.
In the flurry of my tiny blogging stardom, I have slightly lost sight of what I wanted for Ordinary Adventures. While I do want to grow OA into something successful and hopefully into a business someday, I can’t forget what I love to do and why I’m blogging in the first place. And maybe that will mean with this job (and possibly school?!) I can’t keep posting everyday. Or it might mean I have to really kick my butt off the couch and truly experience everyday adventures and goals which I can later write about! Whatever it is, I’m going to be spending this week reevaluate my goals for my life and mostly for Ordinary Adventures.

These ideas are already getting my gears turning. Hopefully with this nudge, this funk will slip away in no time!

How do you combat blogging burnout?

— Brey