Tell Me What You Want on OA!

As part as of yet another effort, idea, and renewal here on Ordinary Adventures, I have a question for you all. I would love to hear from YOU what path you guys want me to take of my next “reboot” for my blog. I feel another wave of inspiration and plans for both OA and for my life. The new year is creeping up, my life is taking another big, big change (grad school), and the gears are turning. Lists are being made, drafts are being created, ideas are being written down, countdowns are being timed, and I’m getting excited. And so, I want to know what you all are thinking, and what you are anticipating and wanting to see when you click on my blog. I want this for advice, but I also want to hear from my readers what they are looking forward to.


Do you guys want more Q&As? Do you want me to start segments where I answer email questions? Do you want vlogs? Do you guys want more of like rambles on topics/issues? Guest posts, or collaborations? More on how to stay organized? More of my favorites? Do you want to hear more about my job? More about my blogging process? More about DIYs? More recipes? More photos? More about cooking, reviews, friends, fashion, decor, family, dreams, thoughts, beauty? What do you want to see more of or just see in general here on Ordinary Adventures? Tell me your ideas, your opinions, your wants! All of them! Let’s talk about it and start opening some dialogue, let me hear you and get to know you all.

— Brey