October Instagram Inspiration.

One of my favorite monthly rituals here on Ordinary Adventures is making my Instagram collages. To be honest, some days I feel so flustered and down about myself and blog, that I can’t even bring myself to check out other blogs. I know that if I browse my top sites I’ll just get a rush a new ideas, inspiration, and sometimes most of all, intimidation. I can feel overwhelmed by the possibilities, and even more so by my own laziness. To bring me back and kick me in the butt, I can always rely on Instagram. With an inordinate amount of beauty, I can’t help but spend a little bit of time each day being enraptured by their explored and recommended posts. And October was no exception.

I’m not even quite sure what I’m trying to get across to you guys today, but I do know that as always, I’m in love with all these pictures. Each month I’m always equally, if not more so, blown away by the creativity and winsomeness produced on a daily basis on that site. So, I hope you revel in these inspirations as much I am right now.

— Brey

25 thoughts on “October Instagram Inspiration.

      1. Could you maybe do a post on your top Instagram accounts? Like the accounts where you collect these photos from because they’re such lovely photos and I’d love to check them out!


  1. Wow! How do you make these? They must take you ages! So much prettiness! I’m not sure if I follow you on Instagram but I’m going to go and check. It’s on of my favourite apps!

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