My Favorite Tools for a Great At-Home Workout

I don’t know what it is about spring that gives me a sudden burst of motivation. Just the thought of warmer weather kicks my butt into gear. Healthy living just seems that much easier when the weather gets warm, doesn’t it? It’s easier to get outside and moving, whether it be kicking a soccer ball around or rolling out the yoga mat for a quick stretch session in the spring air.

Personally, my motivation kicks in right before it gets warm enough to spend a lot of time outside, but I really don’t like weight training at the gym or even going to the gym to do basic, body weight workouts (so much that I even cancelled my gym membership, but that’s a story for another time).

So what do I do with all my motivation while waiting for the weather to warm up? Instead of dragging myself to the gym or lazing around until I don’t need a jacket to go outside, I workout in the comfort of my own home!ovtwtmjWhile working out at home limits your resources, it does give you a certain level of freedom. At home I’m comfortable with myself and willing to look completely ridiculous to get a good workout it. And I get to do the workouts I love without monopolizing an open area at the gym – though I do monopolize my living room with absolutely zero guilt.

Some days I make my own workouts and just figure it out as I go along, but most of the time I’ll defer to some experts on YouTube or other apps that make working out easy. Here are a few resources that have changed my at-home workout game over the years:


(YouTube Channel and App)qi2xs09

Cassey Ho will kick your butt in her YouTube videos. Most of her workouts are based on Pilates, a body weight workout that focuses on core strength, but there is some variety in there including dance cardio and stretching videos. Cassey has a great, upbeat personality that encourages you to power through, but don’t let her sweet personality fool you – her workouts can be very intense! Since her videos are anywhere from 8 to 40 minutes, I love going to Blogilates for convenience and customization of my workouts. The Blogilates app is great, too, because you can access workouts, recipes, and a great community of girls supporting each other on their fitness journey. Extra points to Cassey for hosting a pretty cool podcast with Lisa Bilyeu called Sheroic.

Tone It Up

(YouTube Channel and Website)1bagx48

I came across Tone It Up on happenstance one day while browsing through YouTube workouts, and I’m so glad I found it! Tone It Up was created by Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, two best friends that built a fitness empire together. Their YouTube channel features tons of workouts with light weights, resistance bands, and body weight work. Karena and Katrina’s friendship and bubbly personalities shine through in their videos, making the workouts fun and interactive. Not only are they all about fitness, they’re all about doing fitness the right way. With an extensive nutrition plan available for purchase and tons of free recipes on their YouTube channel and website, Karena and Katrina promote a sustainable lifestyle change to be a healthier, happier you. Personally, I love referencing their quick workouts on their YouTube channel, but they also recently launched Studio Tone It Up, an app where you can sign up for online fitness classes with hundreds of other girls in the Tone It Up community.

Yoga with Adriene

(YouTube Channel)yc0x4ua

I only have good things to say about Adriene Mishler and Yoga with Adriene. She is chill, down to earth, and a little weird in all the right ways. Her yoga videos on YouTube are geared towards beginners by offering foundational videos on specific poses, slow and easy to follow flows, and 30-day challenges to help build a habit of getting on the mat more regularly. I personally love Adriene’s channel not only for her great personality, but for her calm guidance that really makes the yoga session relaxing and easy to follow. She’s all about doing what feels right for your body, so there’s no pressure on getting the perfect pose! My all time favorite video for a some light stretching and lots of relaxation is her Bedtime Yoga Sequence – it is the perfect way to unwind and move a bit when I’m not feeling up to a full workout.

Here are few more things that amp up an at-home workout:x74u0vr

  • The necessities: a water bottle and a post-workout snack
  • High-energy workout playlist (and a soothing wind-down playlist, too!)
  • Yoga mat or other fitness mat
  • HDMI Cable, Chromecast, or Smart TV (if you want to have your YouTube workouts on the big screen)

Since leaving the gym and sticking to at-home workouts, these tools have been extremely helpful in building a fun, varied fitness experience all while in my own home.

Of course, you can have a great at-home workout with just yourself and a few good exercises like crunches, push ups, and squats. So what are you waiting for? Clear some space in the living room or in your bedroom and get started.

Why wait when everything you need is right in front of you?

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