The Best Planners for Every Need

I’ve been buying planners for well over a decade now. As much as I have strived to have my life together in one pretty package, I have struggled for the same amount of years to keep my planner up to date. So in those ten years or so, I have tried out a planner or two to see if maybe it wasn’t my lack of discipline, rather the lack of style and compatibility that was the problem. I have to say, I recently have gotten back into planning and have been able to stick with it for a few months. I definitely have my own system in place that probably isn’t everyone else’s cup of tea, but it’s one that I have had to craft and experiment with.

Finding the right planner and planning system is no easy task. If you’re anything like me, you may have to spend hours upon hours every December (or August, if you’re a teacher like me) scrounging around the internet, going site to site, trying to weigh prices, with style, with what you think your routine will be. As someone who has spent way too many hours doing that, way too much money, and have tested out way too many planners, I have put together a list of all the planners I have tried over the past few years and how I found them most helpful. Hopefully this may aid you on your own planning journey and may dwindle the hours needed to make your next planner decision.


vg60kuoIf you have a busy schedule… try the Passion Planner.
The Passion Planner breaks down each week by the half an hour to keep you on track. Before each month, this planner allows you to draft out your goals and reflect on the progress you’ve made. I’ve wanted to love this planner for years; I’ve even bought two of them before! Unfortunately, this template was far too constricting to me. If you want to plan out your life and stick to a schedule, then this is the perfect system for you.

otm1vwhpvy81ggIf you want something classic…. try Erin Condren’s Life Planner.
If you know anything about the planning community, then you’ve probably heard of Erin Condren. Her planner’s are now a classic and offer a wide array of options for every planner out there. Being one of the pricier options in this list, you will get solid quality, beautiful designs, and chances to make your planner your own. Erin Condren’s site also offers a ton of accessories and add ons that are tailored to their planners. I personally own the hardbound version of the Life Planner which is at a lower price and with less frills.

mnnp3ieqpjgr4zIf you want something customizable…. try the Plum Paper Planner.
If you love Erin Condren but want to have more customizable options, then the Plum Paper Planner is for you. This planner’s spiral bound book looks almost identical to the Life Planner on the outside; however, on the inside, the Plum Planner allows you to edit what each box and column is designated for. You also have the choice to have add ons at the end of each month and the end of the planner itself.  I love this planner but the only con is that it takes forever to ship and can get on the pricier side if you have a lot of customizations.

If you want something that focuses on the day-to-day… try Day Designer’s Flagship Planner.

One of my favorite aspects of this planner is that is gives you a little bit of everything for every day. Each page is it’s own day with a schedule for plans, a to do list for everything you have to check off, and a place for notes for anything else you may need to remember. For someone who has to focus on each day, this is a wonderful jack-of-all-trades planner. Day Designer carries a beautiful flagship planner on their website for a pretty penny, although they are also sold in different sizes, price points, and backings at places like Target, Amazon, you name it.

ieyvfy98rfju8nIf you want something to help you organize more than just your calendar… try the Happiness Planner.
The happiness planner’s layout is a lot like Day Designer’s. In a beautiful, compact, coiled book, the happiness planner gives you a chance to jot down and keep track of most everything going on in your day-to-day life. It looks beyond the schedule and to-do list though and allows you to plan out your health routines, daily gratefulness, and start thinking about tomorrow. This planner may be a great step in between planning and keeping a diary by allowing you to remember and write down the important things going on in your life for you to look back on.

ngzz6tgdk1pesjIf you want something that has less boundaries and more creativity… try starting your own Bullet Journal.
Bullet journaling has recently become very popular and for good reason! Usually with dotted or blank pages, bullet journaling allows you to create and plan in whatever style you choose. Many people turn to bullet journaling for many reasons: the endless choice and creativity, not finding a layout or style they want (so they make their own!), or when they use a planner for more than just planning, perhaps as a diary, tracker, you name it. I definitely recommend watching some videos or following creators on instagram if you’re interested in starting your own.

Let me know if you want to see which planner I use and how I use it! Also, which planner do you use?

10 thoughts on “The Best Planners for Every Need

  1. I totally get this! Yeah, a digital “”phone” organizer calendar is one thing, but a physical tangible -textured calendar is another. And I love all the options (I never knew about the bullet option!). For the same reasons, I use paper and pen to write in the early mornings. There’s just something more solid and creative about it for me. Love this!

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    1. Totally agree with you, Carmen. I have been slowly moving more and more digital with my planning, but I still need to see what I need to get done all in one place and on paper! I don’t think an app can ever beat that for me. Do you write every morning? Or just once a week as you get ready for the week?
      – Brey

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      1. Oh, I write every morning. Interestingly enough, the days that I can’t for whatever reason, always feel like an OFF day. And yes, I totally get a it — an APP will never take the place of something tangible and textured for me — we are so alike that way! 🙂


  2. I don’t have a fancy brand planner or anything. But I like to use a simple 12-month planner. Growing up I always had one that separated each month into weeks. But as an adult, it feels like I don’t do as much on any given day AND I want to see farther in advance than just the end of the week. It keeps my bills paid and my schedule organized!
    Oh! And I have the same style but in a whiteboard as well. So it’s like the paper is my master copy and the other one is the one I look at every day. When I erase the day that just ended it allows me to look ahead to the rest of the month.

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    1. I love that whiteboard idea, Kaitlin. I use a few different things as I plan as well. Something for my schedule, another for a to-do list, and so on. Still looking for that perfect system that has everything I need in one place!
      – Brey

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      1. So true! I always want to see it in one place. So people talk about a planner with a to do list and calendar and such but then I have to flip back and forth and I don’t want to


  3. I love this! I’ve also tried a lot of different planners and I’ve started to think about a bullet journal so I can completely customize it. That just seems a little daunting though. I’d love to know which one you’re currently using!

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    1. I totally understand how you feel, Sophie! I’ve started a few bullet journals before and been like, “I wish I had a little bit of formatting already done for me…” and then go back to other planners. I’ll be sharing the mish-mash of my planning routine in a few weeks probably 🙂
      – Brey

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