September Goals.

Graduate school and the high school I work at both started this week. To say the least, it was an exhausting, difficult, tearful week. But after handing out a whole bunch of syllabi, receiving my own stack of them, and juggling a few things, I think I have some idea on how the next 4 months or so are going to go. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, because September has a lot in store for me.


1. Find an actual way to keep organized.
Despite going through the whole process of finding yet another paper planner and customizing it to my needs just a few months ago, I am still unhappy with my organization. Now that I am in the trenches of two full times schedules and everything else going on in my life, I am slowly finding out exactly what I need from an organizer. I believe I need something electronic, I need something with a to-do/document section, as well as a calendar/planner attached. I don’t know if something like this exists in the app store for my MacBook, but I am beginning the hunt.

2. Keep up with homework. AKA don’t procrastinate.
All through community college, university, and even now in grad school, I have been a serial procrastinator. Granted I have always overloaded myself and pushed my workloads to the limit, but leaving work to the last minute only adds to the stress and frustration of it all. In conjunction with getting an electronic organizer and hoping to stay sane for the rest of the year, my goal is to continually be on top of my homework as much as humanly possible this semester. I went through my first full run through of classes this week, and I gotta tell you… my homework load is incredibly insane…

3. Focus on my health.
I hafta me honest with you all on here. I’ve been having a hard time. Obviously I had a pretty difficult time physically and busy wise last year when I took my hiatus, but even since I’ve been back and just in general for some time, I’ve been having a hard time all around. Thankfully with Drew’s support and really just realizing I can’t continue down the road I am on, I’m finally figuring some stuff out. Work and school is definitely important, but me, as a person, my mental and physical health is taking a priority this semester.

4. Try to keep blogging through this craziness.
Even though I’ve done nothing short of only complaining this whole post, I still want to keep up with blogging this semester. Even if it’s just on weekends, or a post a week. I want to in some form keep blogging and reaching out to you guys. I have a lot to share, I just need the courage, or time, or will to get it all out there.

— Brey