Mini Ulta Haul.

I got this tiny haul a little while ago actually, but I am now just breaking it out. I know it’s only a few items, but I think pretty much all of them are going to be game changers to my everyday makeup routine.

Tarte Mascara
Honestly, one of the best parts of this mascara was that I was able to snag this from Ulta during a sale for only $13! I had been wanting to try it for some time after Tati gave it a glowing review a month or so ago, but I couldn’t imagine anything better than my Better Than Sex. However, when I saw it practically on clearance, I knew it was a sign to finally grab it. I’m going to do a full review of this product at the end of the month, but I have to say… you’ll want to hear my appraisal.

Tarte Concealer
It was only after I made my purchase, decided to create this post, took all these pictures, and wrote the headers for each product, that I realize that 2/3 of this haul is Tarte products. I have not stopped hearing amazing reviews about this concealer though, and it quickly has been making people’s ride-or-die lists.
I decided to give my Naked concealer another go when I realized the wand tip was perfectly two sided so you could get an even amount of product on each eye every time. But once I’ve given it a fair shake, I’m extremely excited to dive into this one.

Ulta BB Cream
This was a throw-in item to reach free shipping, but I’m always interested to continue my hunt for the best and most radiant BB cream. This baby was super affordable and I’m a sucker for anything with the word “illuminating” on it. This product probably won’t be in this month’s try outs, but I’ll definitely be keen on keeping it handy when I want something new, light, and fresh to try out.


— Brey

2 thoughts on “Mini Ulta Haul.

  1. I’ve actually tried that mascara. It was one of the point perks at Sephora so I picked it up for the free-99. I liked it. I liked it a bit more when I layered it. I am generally pretty unimpressed with mascara’s especially higher end mascara’s but this one was a winner. If you are curious about another, Marc Jacobs has a pretty good one.


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