5 Ways to Make the Transition Into Fall a Little Easier.

I know that I am in a minority when it comes to wanting summer to be over. I cannot wait till the next few days or so when both university and my work start back up again. But not everyone is as excited when it comes to giving up their vacation, or warm weather, or tackling a new schedule. I totally get that, because sometimes all that can be pretty stressful for me too, even if I prefer it to going stir crazy at home.

Here some tips that I do to make going back to school the best experience it can be:


1. Set goals for the rest of the year.
By the time summer rolls around, I gotta be honest: I don’t really remember my new year’s resolutions. For me, my new year starts with the school year, so I love taking some time every fall and setting new goals. With a new semester, classes, kids, and motivation, it’s the perfect time for me to reevaluate my life. And best of all, I focus on reaching the goals during the last four months of the year, so they’re easier to accomplish and not as daunting.

2. Do a little back-to-school shopping.
My favorite styles all come back during the fall, so it’s my favorite time to revitalize my wardrobe and do a little splurging. I probably wear the same few sundresses every summer, but I love getting new cozy sweaters, flare jeans, and super cute boots for the fall. If you don’t want to go crazy and update your whole closet, still find something small as a pick me up. Invest in a awesome academic planner to keep you organized, or finally get around to buying a new coat, or even just grab a new sultry, autumn lipstick. Investing in yourself is important too!

3. Start changing your sleep/meal habits now.
Every summer I always go way off my meal plan, sleep schedule, sanity… etc. By time it’s mid August I’m up till 4am, eating Pringles in bed, and finishing the whole series of How I Met Your Mother for the second time in just a matter of weeks. I’ve learned the hard way to start setting my alarm earlier (or at all), and creating a loose schedule for myself in the few days leading up to heading back to school. Take it from me that you don’t want to head into your first 17 hour day on 3 hours of sleep.

4. Do one last summer fling.
This is similar to getting yourself a little pick me up, but this usually requires no money. Make plans with that one friend that is about to head back to school, take a day trip to the beach, have a sleepover wit your best friends; just finish the summer off on a fun activity. Anything that you’d been wanting to do, or meaning to get around to, now’s your chance before you’re neck deep in homework and RedBull.

5. Revitalize yourself.
Kind of a broken record here, but this is almost a mix of #2 and #4. But focus on yourself and how you want to walk into the new school year. Get a haircut, your nails done, try out that new hair color that will turn heads in the hallway. Have a spa night at home or with your best girls, and pamper yourself. This year I’m re-dying my hair (which to be honest is kind of a monthly thing though) the day before I go back and I’m thinking about getting black acrylic nails. I’ll come back to school feeling like the total badass I am.


Man, I cannot wait for bonfires, and crisp leaves under my feet, and cold, rainy days. I’m definitely going to do all five of these tips, but I wouldn’t have to do a single one to enjoy every second of autumn.

— Brey

6 thoughts on “5 Ways to Make the Transition Into Fall a Little Easier.

  1. Can’t wait to get back to uni and have a schedule again! These tips reminded me to make the best out of the last bit of summer, so thanks for that 😊

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  2. Just had a sleepover, with henna and lots of cooking and old movies, with my besties, so it’s awesome that you suggested it too! I am definitely looking forward to autumn, and at the same time getting the all the good I can out of summer

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  3. I am holding onto summer with everything I have. I am SO not ready to give it up yet. I really like the idea of #4, though Brey. I think that’s a great way to start to let go of summer and transition into fall. Great to see you back btw! xo


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