Makeup and Self Portraits.

Yesterday was an interesting day, but it at least was a killer makeup day. I tried quite a few new products, like my jumbo UD setting spray, my NYX super nude colored gloss, and the famed RCMA powder. On top of all that, I also tried a few new techniques, like using my Becca highlight in my inner eye corner, which was a huge success. I also tried baking my under eyes for the first time, which I tackled by using Jaclyn Hill’s wet beauty sponge strategy. I am in looooove! If there’s one thing I strive for, it is a pale and smooth under eye, masking my years of narcolepsy damage. I’m still brand stinkin’ new to this whole makeup user and buyer thing (like… I literally had never bought any makeup other than eyeliner and maybe mascara up until a few months ago), but overall, I think I had a pretty good arrangement of products and I was actually kind of impressed by my own results!

I’m still not sure what exact direction I want to keep taking my blog in, or how I want to create all my posts, so please excuse this very vain, selfie filled, schmooze fest.  I think if I was to make another post like this, I’d do more of a step by step tutorial, instead of just a bunch of beauty shots after the fact. I would also continue to try new things and keep edging that tiny cat eye out, little by little, to create more pretty and complicated looks!


— Brey