Trying Out Kylie Cosmetics.


Being the lipgloss fangirl that I am, I finally gave into all the hype and waited in the online queue for my Kylie Cosmetics’ birthday product last week! And I have to say, I was happily content with the results.

Even right down to the packaging and getting the box in the mail, I enjoyed my Kylie Cosmetics experience and products. It’s obvious that great care was taken in each box and presentation. My order was cutely decorated and wrapped, which made even receiving my makeup fun.

Not to mention the individual packaging of the glosses themselves are just stunning. I think the black and gold birthday drips were a really cool idea, but I think the classic melting style that showcases what shade you got is a great concept as well. The glosses themselves felt hefty and of quality in hand, my brushes were in good condition, and I received my order in less than a week after I made my online purchase.

Were they kind of average and maybe not worth the splurge of non free shipping and kind of pricey products? Probably, but I’m personally really glad I got these novelty glosses. I had heard so much for so long about this brand: horrible applicators, best color pay off ever, not worth the hype, most popular cosmetic line, and back and forth forever. When Kylie announced her limited birthday addition line (which included her decently affordable gloss “Poppin'”, which caught my attention immediately), I figured it was the right time to finally see for myself what Kylie Cosmetics was all about.

The “Like” gloss is a litttttle too thick and a littttttle too dark and saturated for my taste, but I won’t be giving up on it just yet. Even after blotting some of it off though, and struggling with the non-fluffy applicator, Drew still asked if had been eating chocolate earlier. However, it almost dried down after a while, and once it settled, it looked much, much better. I will say, I really like the “Poppin'” gloss! It is the perfect amount of sheer, which almost makes it nude, yet it’s fun, and sparkly, and unique all wrapped into one. I haven’t tried it yet, but I bet it could be used as an amazing top coat for any one of my favorite lipsticks. Metallic liquid lipsticks are really in right now, but they are way too drying for me, so I’m excited to have a high quality metal gloss in my makeup collection.

So overall, I don’t see myself purchasing another normal lipgloss from Kylie Cosmetics. But I’m glad to have the mini collection I have now, and I would be open to trying more products if something really caught my eye down the line.


— Brey

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