5 Reasons Fall is Way Better Than Summer.

Guys, I am so sick of summer. This season messes with me on many, many levels. I have a serious need for autumn and all the beauty and brilliance that accompanies it. For anyone wondering, fall is the best time of year… especially compared to summer.


Pro of fall: New schedule.
As both a school teacher and a graduate student, fall always brings on fresh starts. New classes, new routine, new students, teachers, clothes, experiences, new pretty much everything! Back to school shopping for both a new wardrobe and new, highly addictive, office supplies are always a highlight of the season change as well. I love the feeling of first days though, the calming effect of getting organized, as well as the excitement of a new schedule. Of course it can get stressful at times, but I love staying busy. Having a clean slate every fall is half the fun.

Con of summer: It gets boring really fast.
Playing off what I just said: I truly do like staying busy. So much so, that most summers I try to keep an extra job and take classes. Despite my best efforts, I still find myself idly screwing up my sleep schedule, eating habits, and mental state during the last few weeks of summer. Sure, I love a good long weekend, or a day off or two, but after about a week, I definitely go stir crazy. Friends are busy, Drew still has work, my usually strenuous days slow to a crawl; it’s quite the shock to my system. Being in an involved routine is a must.

Pro of fall: Perfect weather.
Fall weather equals sweater weather. It also means boots, teas, warm tone color schemes, rain storms, changing foliage, oversized sweatshirts, lots of dreary days, and pretty much just perfect weather all around. I truly love nothing more than coming home on a rainy day, in a warm sweater, to make some chamomile tea and wrap myself up in a cozy blanket. You won’t need to pull out that winter coat yet, but say goodbye to sweating your face off in skimpy clothes, wishing for the sweet relief of air conditioning. This weather pulls out the best food, the best outfits, the best colors, the best feelings, the best everything.


Con of summer: Seriously, the weather.
I don’t think I can correctly articulate just how much I hate the summer heat. When I open the door and it is hard to breathe the sticky, heavy, hot air… No. When I get in the car and I can’t even touch my steering wheel and I’m panting from just walking in the parking lot… No. When I get my usually cheap electric bill and I see that it’s well into the triple digits due to the air conditioning… No. When I can’t even do chores around my house without sweating because even with the air conditioning blasting at over $100 a month, the house is still boiling… No, no, no, no, and no.

Pro of fall: All the best holidays.
But really, who doesn’t get a little excited for Halloween: discounted Chipotle burritos, fun costumes, even more fun decorations, Shawn of the Dead, or whatever scary movie you prefer. There’s a buzz on that day and it is always infectious. And even if Halloween isn’t your scene, there’s always Thanksgiving. Now everyone loves Thanksgiving. A holiday break, more fall decorations, so much good food, friends, family, parades, seriously, more delicious food, and just a sense of coziness and happiness for the entire day and the other holidays soon to follow.

Is it autumn yet? Please?

— Brey

18 thoughts on “5 Reasons Fall is Way Better Than Summer.

  1. Fall is a beautiful season and I agree that September always feels like a new start, however I’m not done with Summer yet! I still need the sunny days for a little extra while – Winter was way too long and Spring not warm enough here in Switzerland 😉


  2. Fall is my favorite. I love the fall nature and activities. Corn mazes, apple picking, pumpkin patches, the whole 9. Plus my birthday, so that helps.

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  3. Agreed. I hate being sticky. I hate how I can’t hide my lil tummy under a big sweater and gotta either work out or worry about looking sexy during summer. I love fall clothes and cool air! Etc….in other words, perfect post. (However, I contradict myself, as I am moving to the tropics next week. LOL).


  4. I just posted about how much I couldn’t wait for Autumn! It’s the best season of them all! Good to know there’s other people out there that look forward to it just as much as I do❤


  5. Yes! You articulate precisely what I was thinking about summer and fall. Most friends prefer summer over any other season, but to me fall (and winter as well) is the best season!

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  6. Good points! Still, I love summer ‘cos it’s so light (and then you can go to your summercottage and grill and so on for a while…) but mostly I love spring, when summer and light is coming. I also like to work but I hate the darkness (witch in Finland at the most worsed time is so totally dark). Then I don’t have the energy to do anything. Summer is so short in Finland that you just enjoying it, heat isn’t usually too much either (or max. a week or two, maybe three sometimes…) so you can handle it…


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