My I’m-Not-Wasting-My-Luxury-Products-in-this-Heat Everyday Face

Long enough title for you?

At my very stressful, nonstop job, sweating and literally getting thrown up on is a regular occurrence. So dressing up, spending more than 10 minutes to get ready, or putting on a $200+ face is not in my M.O.


NYX CC Cream
If I’m doing a cheap, run out the door look, or an expensive, pulling out all the stops look, either way, I’m using this product. No matter how well I wash off my makeup in the shower or the night before (which I admit, I’m not in the best habit of yet), I always seem to still get raccoon eyes from old mascara and waterline eyeliner in the morning. With it’s more oily base, this stuff takes off any remaining goop from your eyes, gives you a great clean slate, and not to mention, the lavender color brightness my ever darkening under-eye bags. This is a must every. single. morning.

Elf BB Cream
This product is my holy grail of makeup. I can definitely see myself doing a whole post just on this later, but for now, I cannot rave enough about it. You get a ton of product, with the perfect texture, light but just enough coverage to smooth out those blemishes, SPF for these hot, summer days, AND for only $6! I truly appreciate that this has buildable coverage, and not just a sheer finish, unlike most primers or BB cream’s I’ve been trying lately. This may actually be the best BB cream I own, and having it at easily 1/6 or even less the cost than most, I can’t get enough of this stuff.

Too Faced Concealer
I started trying this product out only recently, and I’ve been finding myself grabbing this concealer more than even my go-to NYX concealer, the Naked concealer, or any others I have in my arsenal. On any given morning, I will always wear my eyeliner and concealer, if nothing else: so having those items be top notch is important. I have Kat Von D’s, Sephora’s, and Tarte’s new concealers all waiting to be tried, but for the time being, I’m really enjoying the milky, yet oh-so smooth application of Too Faced’s new concealer.

Physicians Formula Eyeliner
I actually love this eyeliner. The cost, the rich color, the major inkiness: it’s almost dope of my all time favorite Tattoo Liner. Not even looking at the price tag, I find myself drawn to this liner over most lately (I definitely have liked it better than Too Faced’s new marker liner). This is the type of product that isn’t overly special and won’t hurt my wallet but is pretty darn good quality, so I’d see myself buying extras to keep in my car, despite the heat, or my purse, even if I don’t reach for it much in there, while still having my original at hand in my makeup cubby.

Urban Decay Mascara
I’ve been using this when I want a stand alone mascara but don’t want to waste my Better Than Sex. And when I say that, I really mean is, I make a conscious effort to use this mascara despite what I really want sometimes. Unlike my NYX CC Cream or even the Physicians Formula Eyeliner, I don’t see myself hoarding extras of this under my vanity, or in my purse. While it gets the job done, it’s nothing to rave about or makes me excited to reach for. In my monthly ***review, I did mention that if you really use it and play with it, you can get some cool results, but what mascara won’t with that much effort? Still, I don’t get sad when I can feel my face melting off and it’s gone my mid afternoon, so it’s doing it’s summer duty.

Baby Lips
Maybe not one of my favorite lip products anymore now that I’ve branched out into the makeup world more, but it’s still a classic in my book (I even wore it to my wedding!). I have a hard time justifying putting any lipstick on before I leave for work, because I also usually leave with a Red Bull and breakfast in tow (i.e. the lipstick doesn’t last the commute). However, I like to put a swipe of Baby Lips on as I walk out the door. The color and sparkle might not stay on too long, but the softness seems to stay put most days which is more than any chapstick or gloss can promise.


I hope you all noticed that even though I was not using my all time favorites of each category and less expensive overall products, I still for the most part loved all the items I listed. You don’t need to pull out all the stops or break the bank to create an easy look that beats the heat. This is definitely a 5-minute face look and isn’t anything special, but it lets me feel good, pretty and confident each brutally hot day at work.

Do you guys have a different beauty routine during the summer?

— Brey

9 thoughts on “My I’m-Not-Wasting-My-Luxury-Products-in-this-Heat Everyday Face

  1. I want to get back into a beauty routine. On date nights, I usually use some light foundation, blush, mascara, eyeliner, and, if I’m feeling adventurous, maybe some eyeshadow.

    I’m with you – I’m not a huge lipstick / lip gloss person because they don’t last my commute! Plus, most brands I’ve tried just dry out my lips! Not fun. I love Baby Lips though – A friend gave me the Minty one and I love it!

    Thank you for sharing! I love the e.l.f. products!


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