August Goals.


These goals focus on simple, yet important plans that will keep me busy during my mostly month off of work. There is none of that “change yourself” or “restrict yourself” or “do this even if it makes you less happy” type stuff that I really don’t need in my life right now on this list. There are a few things I need to buckle down and do, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy myself while I do it.

1. Finish my online class.
I am currently enrolled in an online/summer/fall hybrid class that is completely student self-paced. Having just enrolled in it last week and it still being a full fledged graduate class, I am not sure how possible my plan is, but I aim to finish it well before my real fall semester begins on August 29. Having finished ESY** just this week, I am putting this class on top priority of my to do list. Let’s see how this goes!

2. Declutter and tidy house.
During different bits and pieces of the summer, I have slowly decluttered and thrown away a lot of junk in the house. Just cleaning out from under the sink in June, I threw out three large trash bags of expired or unwanted products. Let’s not even mention what happened between me and the fridge a few weeks ago… So, before my fall schedule kicks in with a vengeance, I’m going to finish giving away, throwing out, or cleaning up any remaining nook or cranny I haven’t already tidied up.

3. Prepare for the school year.
This is a simple one, but always a favorite: back to school shopping! This week I got an email from one of my professors encouraging me to get started on my over a dozen book long reading list for her fall class. I wanted to be sure of what schedule I was going to stick with for fall 2016, but I think it’s safe now to start loading up my Amazon cart, hitting up Target, and packing up my new, adorable crossover bag.

4. Grow finger nails.
Probably one of my worst and longest habits I’ve had is biting my nails. I’ve gone through bursts of self control, as well as times of really bad results, but right now my nails aren’t at their best (definitely not their worst either though). This will require coats of protective polish, weekly (at least) trimmings, and lots of willpower; this is no small feet. I want to get back to my job and my university feeling my best, and having long polished nails will help that.

5. Keep blogging.
Another fun, easy goal for August: just keep on blogging. I already have quite a few posts in my drafts and pictures already edited for some reviews, so this should be easy to stay on track with. No limits set, no days planned out, just write, post, and share whatever, whenever throughout this month.

What are your goals this month?

— Brey