July’s Beauty Tryouts.


Urban Decay Naked Concealer
I have heard so much about this concealer for so long, and after seeing it in almost every single Jaclyn Hill video, I decided I finally had to try it out. Unfortunately, I had to wait to try it when seemingly every single other beauty brand was coming out with their new concealer (Kat Von D, Tarte, Too Faced, etc.). Because I got this concealer along with all the other new releases, I have not been using this product as much as I was wanting to or planning. The upside however, is that I can compare it to what some people are saying are some of the best, new concealers out there now. While I do find myself picking this over my new Sephora concealer, or even my old favorite from NYX, I am not picking this up the most. I am in no way giving up on this concealer yet, and it truly seems reliable and a good product; I’m just not in love with it.

Too Faced Eyeliner Marker
like this eyeliner. I don’t love it. It is definitely not worth its $22 dent, especially when there are some top notch, high end products that are even cheaper and perform way better. Not to mention, I can think of at least two to three drugstore brands at the top of my head, that are less than half the cost, all of which are just as good quality. The only real downfall with this liner (other than cost) is that you can use too much of it and then it easily starts to streak if it’s not 100% dry. This is a common problem I have found with most liquid liners, but a few have proven that this does not need to be the case. I think I can layer my Tattoo Liner dozens of times, trying to perfect my look, and it’s still as dark, and thick as I need it to be. That is why I will continue to rebuy and reuse that brand, and why I won’t be repurchasing Too Faced’s eyeliner. However, this cutely packaged marker is still a new, richly black eyeliner and there is nothing better than using a fresh, inky liner in the morning.


Becca Backlit Primer
After using this product for the past two weeks or so, and I’m still on the fence. For the most part, I have been wearing this primer by itself, without a heavier foundation on top of it. I’ve been hunting for the perfect, dewy, yet light face cream, and I thought with Becca’s famous glow, this product would give the subtle sparkle I was looking for. When I first put this on in the morning, it glides on and gives me that healthy shine throughout my makeup routine. However, as it continues to sink into my skin and wear down, despite still feeling smooth, it all but disappears by the time I get my lunch. This primer is so weightless and effortless that it does do well for what it’s meant to do… as an actual primer, but maybe not worth the hefty price tag. I’ll have to keep trying this one out.

Sephora Lip Gel
There is nothing not to love about this lipgloss. At $12 and dozens of  colors to pick from, it’s non-sticky, sparkly, highly pigmented, effortless application is a slam dunk. Even if sparkles aren’t your thing, neutral, glossy choices are available as well. All three colors I personally own have already been used multiple times this month and I’ve been looking forward to going back to Sephora to try out more of their options.


Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
I have had this bad boy longer than just July, but I didn’t start trying it regularly and adding it to my routine until recently. I am in love with my Better Than Sex and I truly don’t think that there is a mascara out there that can top it. But I gave Urban Decay’s another chance after a fated evening.
One day at the start of July, I decided to just wear mascara. Just so you all know, if I wear one product ever, it will always be eyeliner. I never don’t wear eyeliner. Except for that one night. Armed with my curler and multiple layers of Perversion mascara, I really worked my eyelashes like never before. I had never seen my lashes look so good in my whole life!
After that night I decided to give UD’s mascara a shot for the rest of the month. I later thought about it though and realized, I had never spent so much effort and time on my lashes before. Maybe if I did the same process but with Better Than Sex or another mascara I liked more, maybe I’d get even better results!
With that mindset, this product was not my holy grail of mascara any more. It’s not the best, it’s not the worst either though. In its defense, it has always been clump free, pretty, and dark, a classic mascara. Despite those good qualities, that’s just not what I look for in a mascara usually; I like dramatic, big, notice me lashes that can be given with a single swipe of the wand.

We will always have that one night Perversion mascara…

— Brey

4 thoughts on “July’s Beauty Tryouts.

  1. I use the Subversion primer then the Perversion mascara. Can’t get that stuff off after. And a beautiful F-Bomb red lip are a go to for me! (Today Urban Decay has their Smoky palette for $27! That’s almost a $30 savings! Squeal!!)


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