Plans for August 2016.


Hey everyone!

As July wraps up, it’s hard to believe that summer is rushing by so quickly. This week I am finishing up my last few days teaching summer school and am about to begin my 26 day summer “vacation”. Those quotes are very prominent because my break is already jam packed with doctor appointments, friend visits, to do lists, and most importantly, course work to complete.

Yep! For me, one of my graduate classes just started and I have a strict schedule ahead of me. Although, I have quite a few fun things planned this August as well.

– Done with summer school!
That in and of itself is a huge triumph and probably the biggest redeeming quality of this coming month. A small break from early morning commutes, getting thrown up on, screamed at, and melting in the sun, is enough to make anything else put in my way seem easy-peasy.

– Working on my graduate class.
I am planning to start and finish my new grad class this month. Between you and me though, the sooner, the better. I am going to throw pretty much everything I have into getting all of its course work done and I can hazard a guess that most of my August will be monopolized by it.

– Smash Con 2016.
Hopefully at least a few of you know what I’m talking about when I list this. Starting the August 11 weekend, the Dulles Expo Center (literally in my backyard) is hosting a huge Super Smash Brother’s tournament. If you want to come play me in a friendly match or kick my ass in the Smash 4 tournament, I will be there.


– Busch Gardens.
I will be able to finally pull out my annual pass again and head down to my favorite theme park/vacation spot this coming month. My past trips to Busch Gardens are usually in the fall during Hallowscream, so I’m a little worried about the heat in the dead of August. But, with good company and good rides, a visit to BG should be the perfect way to end my summer vacation.

– First day of work.
My first day back to work at my regular school is Wednesday, August 24. I’m excited to be headed back, especially after my experience at a different building for summer school. I will have three days to reacquaint myself with my room, old friends, and meet some new team members. Then on Monday, August 29, school year 2016 will start back up for the kids and for me as well!

– First day of school.
Not only is August 29 my student’s first day of school, it is also George Mason’s first day of classes as well. It really is the first day back for every one! I have a very full plate this semester, but I’m excited for the fall in any and every sense possible. The weather, the feeling, the schedule, the job, the workload, the classes, everything.

It’s going to be a busy month to be sure.

— Brey