ColourPop Haul.

Metallic lipsticks and glosses are probably one of the newest and hottest makeup products on the market right now. Between Kylie’s constantly sold out website, Milani’s completely tapped out reserves in drugstores, and the craze hitting other big brands recently, I wasn’t surprised when lip-centric ColourPop announced their own line.

Between their consistent, very low prices and overall excellent quality, I was so excited to try out their new lipglosses, which highlighted and included some stunning metallics. I personally am not the biggest liquid lip fan (it’s just a little too drying for me), so adding the coveted metallic look to a smooth gloss was a dream come true!

Using their $5 off coupon, I purchased 5 glosses and 1 satin liquid lipstick to reach their $30 free shipping minimum. It truly was the deal of the decade. In the shipment I got 2 non-metallic glosses, Fairy Floss and Finder’s Keepers. My single satin lip was a part of the new Kathleen Lights collaboration in the color, November. And lastly, I got the 3 front runners I centered the whole purchase around: Tight Fit, My Jam, and Cheat Code. Honestly, I don’t know which of the 3 metallics I like best; they are all so fabulous.


Ugh, I love them all. I’m actually currently wearing November as I’m writing this (which I thought would be my least favorite of the haul) and I am enjoying it way more than I ever expected. These are all pretty top-notch, guys, and I cannot wait to keep playing with them!

— Brey