My 2016 Academic Planner.


I have spent a lot of time and money and years looking for the perfect planner for myself. I love the idea of paper planners and a hands on way of staying organized; having all my dates and dreams in one place, but it never seemed to work for me. I wanted to love so many of them and thought more than once that I found a pretty decent fit, but in the end, I’ve given up on more books than I can count. It was only recently that I realized just how diverse a sub-culture and amount of styles there were inside the “planner community”. There’s so much out there with stickers, layouts, themes, sizes, consistency, that I had no clue about. Do I want a page for every single day, or do I want weekly layouts, and if so horizontal or vertical? Do I want pocket sized, hourly structure, leather-bound, spiral-bound, square, tall, thin, thick? Do I want to one with pockets, or stickers, or added in sections for other aspects of my life, and if so, which!?

After quite a bit of research and tons of Instagram stalking and inspiration and Facebook statuses going “which do you like better?”, I think I finally found a planner that fits my needs and system.

I needed a full academic year, large sized planner, that was spiral-bound, with a vertical weekly layout with no sub-headers (like hours/categories), that was clean, bold, cute, and having added on sections in the back would be a bonus. It was a tall order, but all of that was eventually found in a pretty reasonably priced, custom Plum Planner!


As a teacher, the academic style was a must for my schedule. I love being hands on and writing everything I have to do down, so a larger sized planner was pretty high on my needs as well. Over the years, I have quickly found out that spiral-bound planners are easier to write in and last longer. With the weekly layout, I can see everything that is coming up, which is much more convenient for me than a single day style. With the Plum Planner’s vertical choices, I was jazzed to see blank lines as an option, versus times of the day. With lots of space, pretty designs, and lovely colors and scripts, I quickly fell in love with the bare bones of the inside of my planner. Lastly, and one of my favorite options available through Plum Planner, I got to add on note pages that were important to me! I have a whole section of to-do lists, meal planning, and fitness tracking that fit seamlessly and helpfully in my planner.

That was everything that I needed in a planner to get me organized and ticking again. It’s only been a month, but I feel more on top of things than ever. What planners do you guys use?

— Brey