Pre-Grad School Bucket List

Two months. Actually, I have less than two months before I start going to grad school full time while also working at my full time job. 50 days to be exact. So, I have just over a month until I throw myself into a never ending stream of running around, writing papers, and feeling like I’m drowning. Not to mention hopefully blogging, working out, keeping up with my hygiene, eating, breathing, etc. I figured with all of that looming and my nerves being set on maximum, I should create a bucket list of things to do before January 19. If not, I’ll spend the next 50 days biting my nails, freaking out, and not enjoying my last days being relatively stress free.


Blog education.
Over the past few months, I have collected a large amount of blog literature and classes. I’ve been meaning to read them, watch them, and ultimately delve into most of it, but it just never gets put at the top of my to do list. There are two main reasons this is on my bucket list. One, I want to keep blogging, even when I’m neck deep in responsibilities. I know if I want to keep at it, my motivated, and god forbid, even excel at it, I’m going to need to push myself a little more. Learn a few more tricks of the trade, collect more ideas, and possibly spark some more creativity inside me. Essentially I am wanting prepare myself as much as possible, while I still can. Second, and more simply, I will not have time to do this once school starts. And then I plan to teach summer school and go to summer school, and the same in the fall and so on. If I don’t do this now, I never will.

Go skiing.
One of my favorite all time things to do is skiing. It’s easily my favorite hobby/sport and the bright point of any long, cold winter. I’ve gone every year since I was three and I don’t plan on stopping now. Before I can’t afford to leave for a long weekend, or have to worry about bringing work with me, I hope to go skiing. Actually, before I even applied to grad school this month, I had already made plans and set reservations for a ski trip in early January. Any way I put it, I’m going!

Learn how to use a planner.
This is probably going to be the least fun item on this bucket list. But it will be the best in the long run, and honestly, it won’t even be that tedious. Anyway, I am going to teach myself how to use a planner. I never used one in college, or really now when I’m working, but I think it will be really beneficial to me to start one now. Between grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, going to the vet, that huge term paper due date, SOL tests starting, faculty meetings… yea I’m going to need something to keep my head straight. I have already begun my “training”, but I think it will really kick in and be helpful in 50 days. But, I must learn how to and get in the habit, before I’m thrown into so many things that I can’t even think straight.

Re-watch all of Grey’s Anatomy.
I even think that it was this time last year when I first started watching Grey’s. Or around last fall at least. Anyway. Since then, I have watched all eleven seasons and been caught up on the new twelfth, as it has been airing. More than that, this past week or so, I have had a marathon of the “The Best, Saddest Grey Episodes”. Which, is a lot more than you think there would be. Unless you’ve witnessed this show, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Long story short, I rewatched most of the show, bawling my eyes out the whole time. Now, I have officially restarted a full re-run through of the entire show. In the past few days, I have already begun season three. I have a problem. Either way, I am dedicated now. I am going to rewatch this entire beautiful, blessed show, and I’m going to need to be done before grad school. If not, I will not be able to concentrate, get my work done, or if I’m lucky, get anything done other than watch, work, and do homework.

But, there is no other show in my queue, and no other show that holds my heart quite like this one. So once I’m done, my Netflix and TV show slate will be cleared, and I’ll be ready to use my time a little more productively. In the meantime though, I’ll keep telling Netflix I’m still watching and do my next item on my bucket list.

Relax as much as humanly possible.
As stated in my last item, I will do this one, while binging the best TV show ever crafted. I don’t need to do all these things, or clean every nook of my house, or loose 10 pounds before January. No, I’m going to take the holidays, and these short 50 days and focus on relaxing. Sure, I have a few menial tasks to get the hang of, but nothing time consuming or too taxing. This month plus a little more is going to be spent relaxing and getting it all out of my system.


There, you have it, one decently easy to achieve, important, happy bucket list for the next 50 days days. Hopefully this won’t be too hard to wrap up, right?

— Brey