What I’m listening to this week // Folie À Deux.

I’ve had a long relationship with Fall Out Boy. Since I heard Dead on Arrival from their debut album, while playing Rock Band years and years ago I have always on them in my library. I was pretty young when I first downloaded their first album and I considered my oh so edgy afterwards. Although, even today I can barely get through my couple of “favorites” from Take This to Your Grave. Just not my style at all..

Later I stumbled upon Infinity on High and fell in love with some of its classics. Thnks fr th Mmrs and pretty much every other song with a title longer than this post is still in some of my most current playlists.

Other than Infinity on High, I never considered myself a Fall Out Boy fan. I mean I definitely wasn’t one of their earlier album and sometimes I even considered some of Infinity’s songs too much for me. So when Folie Á Deux came out, I was not rushing in line to buy it. Nor did I even listen to it for seven years after its release. Yet, for some reason I had the entirety of the album on my iPhone since it was out. I honestly don’t know how or why it got on there.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 4.32.30 PM

It wasn’t until recently that I went to listen to Infinity On High and I went to artist not album and my whole Fall Out Boy library was out on repeat.

I fell in love.

No really. I have barely stopped listening to this artist for the past month let alone this week.

Why I’m listening to it. The past few weeks have been pretty grueling. My usual genre consists of alternative rock and little bit softer of songs than Fall Out Boy and unwinding while driving. When I randomly decided to switch off my favorite playlist, I was floored to discover this album. It was the perfect mix of intensity and thoughtfulness that I grew to love more each time I listened to it. Because honestly, each time you do, you pick out more meaning, more lyrics, more ways it connects to you in some way. Its not just about that boy who broke your heart or that non descriptive thing you’re dealing with. Give it a listen and you’ll be just as entranced as I am.

My favorites. My favorite of this album has shifted a few times. What A Catch, Donnie used to take this rank, mostly because I loved the chorus and lyrics and connected to it in some morbid way. That was I gave the same thorough listening to the rest of the album and really let some other songs have a chance to marinate with me. Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet took over my favorite position due to the pure passion it throws out for a while. But then, 20 Dollar Nose Bleed is so fun and you will always want to crank the volume when you hear it. I swear you won’t be able to keep yourself from singing along. Let us not forget the pop sensations on this album, I Don’t Care and America’s Sweethearts. There’s no way you escaped form hearing these songs sometime in the seven years they’ve been around. Disloyal Order Of Water Buffalo is probably the best song on the album though. It opens the CD up with a perfect taste of what to expect during the next 51 minutes.

Should you listen to it too? Yes. Oh yes. It is passionate, dark, upbeat, and honestly just so fun to jam out and sing along to in the car.

— Brey