My Blogging Goals (while making a living).

While life has gotten continually busier and more hectic, blogging has been fighting to stay in my life. It’s so hard to keep things balanced and to prioritize, because currently, blogging should be pretty far down the list. Health, work, sleep, time with Drew, friends and family, and now possibly school? All things that trump a negative revenue generating hobby. That just makes it harder though, because I do want to keep at it so badly. It’s been good for me in so many ways and it’s something I’m not ready to give up.

Beyond that, I have been noticing a perturbing trend here on Ordinary Adventures lately. It’s been sounding a lot like gripe session and I’m worried that OA is turning sad, journal blog, which is definitely not something I personally want to happen. I want OA to be a place of creativity, fun, love, and interest. While journal entries, frustrations, maddeningly far off dreams, and personal info is fine, I really don’t want to turn this blog back into a 90s live journal.

But! If I don’t want that to happen either, then that requires me to actually do more as well. I have to create content, live it, experience it, find it, try it, love it, and then write about it. It’s a huge process and a lot of hard work. So it makes sense why blogging for me is falling through the cracks a little.

I should end with this though: I’m not giving up on blogging just yet. Not even close. Every week is a struggle (and I know you guys know that because I haven’t stopped saying it since August), but it truly has pushed me to do more, be more, live more! Even just this weekend it has. I’m so not ready to let go of that any time soon.

Instead of telling you guys every new post about how hard it is to blog with my schedule, I’ve decided to really do something about it. Clear the air, or at least my mind and set up some achievable, new goals for my blogging schedule.

Post 4-5 times a week. Skip/repost.
Last weekend I set up a calendar up to mid November to fill in with post ideas. Then I added another week, and another, until I was all the way down to the new year. Each day had a new and exciting blog post that I am seriously so excited to share with you all. By the time I got to Christmas, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to post everyday from now till then with my current habits. But I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of any of the ideas or save them for later! So I kept them all there and at the very least, I have about 50 ready to go ideas in the waiting for the rest of the year.

Because truly, I don’t think I can keep myself sane and blog everyday with everything I have going on. Add on top of that the holidays, family time, and obligations. I would like to throw something new out there everyday, but at least currently, it seems nearly impossible. And I’m tarting to realize that that’s ok! I can lower my standards for myself and OA and both will go on. If I’m honest with myself, both will still flourish.

Post in every category a month.
If you look through my categories above, I have an inordinate amount of posts in certain sections. While at the same time, genres like Food and Apartment trail behind. That can only be explained by laziness and lack of photography skills and low blog esteem. It’s easy for me to photograph makeup and still life. It’s way too easy to talk about lists, goals, and dreams. It’s even easy to come up and photograph date ideas, hang out spots, and fun adventures. For me, it’s been challenging to professionally and beautifully show food in my little 10 foot kitchen with no windows. It’s been hard to show off styles and fashion when I don’t have anyone to take the photo. And it’s hard to show my house and do DIY projects when I can only afford the cheapest Ikea furniture and a dimly lit apartment. I need to push myself though, get out of my comfort zone, experiment, at the very least, try!

So, with that being said, I would like to post at least once a month in every category. That means I have to do house tours, or a decor DIY (oooh, I’ve been wanting to so badly but too nervous!), a d a yummy recipe, or meal plan, and lots of other beautiful, fun things. I think this will push me creatively and ultimately make me happy I tried in the long run.

Take the time to get new material.
This is a big one. No matter how many hours I give to writing, or how flawless my schedule is, or how many days I give myself a break, for Ordinary Adventures, pretty much all that matters is content. If I just sit on my butt and watch TV, then yea, I can share some great Bingeable posts with you guys, but what will really become of my blog? It will be lots of wishful thinking, lots of lists never to be done, and a lot of lull days. So, my most important goal is to take time to live and to create new content in my life! To try out that hairdo, check out those blogs, write up those reviews, go on those adventures, share those details, create those recipes. In the end, I’ll be happier, feel better, and actually have stuff to blog about.

All around win, win, win, win! Looks like I’ve got some work to do.

— Brey