November Goals.

Let’s just jump right in.

Setting up and figuring out my planner.
Last week I ordered a gorgeous, kick butt planner. It’s leather, big, has tons of space to list things out, plan my day through, and get my life on track. I have a quite a few reasons why I finally cracked and got a nice paper planner.

1. When (IF! eek.) I get into grad school next year, I will need to be savvy with my time. Between home making, healthiness, work, relationships, hobbies, and school? I’ll need something to get my head on straight. I need to start practicing now if I want to be proficient when it comes to using my planner this approaching semester.

2. My planner has 30 minute slots from 6am to 11pm. Lately I’ve been snoozing from midnight to 7am anyway, so those incriminates are perfect for me. A part of me was concerned and baffled at how to best use this planner. Would it be better to be broad and only put big things like due dates and days off down? Or should I really utilize the space and almost confine myself to a set schedule? That’s what I really need to figure out before this skill is truly needed and practice what will help me the most.

3. I’m leaning towards starting my planner off by micromanaging my own life. If used correctly, I think that having each half an hour planned out will get me to where I want to be on a lot of small goals. I want to break a lot of bad habits and add a lot of new helpful ones in. And I think having those good habits scheduled in and in writing will help motivate me to accomplish them. So even if it’s just a reminder to definitely put my retainers in every night at 10:30, or it’s written down that I have to do laundry every Monday night, having them set in stone will push me to get around to them.

4. Tying it all together, I think that making my life more scheduled, while sounding so darn boring, will help me flourish in thousands of ways. Having that set time for the grocery store, gym, meal planning, blogging, etc. will help me get them done. They all have to get done anyway, so why not figure out the easiest and most advantageous way? And then in the end, will lead to more time to relax, less stress, and room to experiment with things I want to try out.

Overall physical health.
Ok guys. This month was pretty bad. I continued my no sugary treats and soda until about October 9th or so and then everything went down the drain. Almost everyday since, I have gotten a soda, slurpee, cookie, candy, or some gross pack of sugar. I say gross because every single time I finished eating or drinking one, I felt bloated, guilty, and just tired. It wasn’t worth it but I completely let myself go. On top of all that, I only worked out three times this week, only once was actually in the gym.

Now that I got all the Halloween candy and soda craze out of my system, I want to get back on track. With Drew and Grace’s help, I plan on going to the gym 2-3x a week, cut out soda again, and really reel all those sugary, empty calories back in.

Keep taking time to experiment.
This past month I was struggling with a lot of things. I got a few ups and some really deep lows. During the ups though, I was really able to push past my laziness and comfort zone. I experimented a little bit with makeup, hair, cooking, cleaning, adventuring, speaking my mind, and personal goals like applying to that writing job! It was exciting to see my results or at the very least, see myself trying things I always have been meaning to. That being said, I still have only scratched the surface. This month I want to keep things rolling. I want to try out ideas and fun challenges in areas like beauty, health, decor, personal, and pretty much every aspect of my life. Paired with my planning goal, I hope that this will be more efficiently and easily accomplished!

Apply to grad school.
I got the dates wrong (thankfully, in a good way!) and instead of November 1st, all grad school apps are due December 1st! So I have a whole extra chunk of time to get my application in. I definitely do not want to wait until next month to submit it, but it’s good to know that if anything happened, I have extra wiggle room to get things together. If I finish this week, or in the next four, I have  to get this beast completed!

Have a great month y’all!

— Brey