My Current, Lazy, Everyday Makeup.

My daily makeup routine is pretty pathetic. I can’t remember the last time I used blush, or concealer, or eye shadow, or real lipstick. Honestly, it was probably in middle school that I used any of those last. I never got the hang of it, I never felt like I needed or wanted to wear all of it. When it comes to the eyes though, I can’t leave the house without a healthy dose of eyeliner.

It took me a while to find exactly what was best for my busy days as well as my bank account and of course, what looked great. I always hated eyeliner pencils. They scratched my lids and never sharpened correctly. When I started trying liquid pens though, I fell in love. They glide on, last long, I never have to worry about sharpening them or them breaking. They are perfect for me!

I have tried tons and tons of liquid eyeliners. From major store brands, to CVS brand, chisel shaped, thin lines, thick markers. You name it, I’ve probably tried it. It wasn’t until I took these photos that I even realized that two of these products were made by Maybelline. If I’m ever using a certain brand or style at this point, it’s because I was interested in trying it and it looked good and it was probably a great price. I’m still on the hunt for the most perfect eyeliner. Although, I there have been a few great contenders during my assessments over the years.

What I use on a daily basis fluctuates all the the time and I don’t think I could even say I have a favorite at this point. As long as it’s cheap, lasts long, and looks good, I’ll try it.

With all that  being said, I wanted to share with you all my current daily makeup routine. It’s fast, will make beauty bloggers cry, and is so easy. At the moment I switch between two pretty great eyeliners, and every few days, if I have time, some mascara.

Master Graphic – Maybelline
This right now is my go-to, first in line on the shelf, eyeliner. I’m really enjoying using this product because it’s so consistent. I’ve had some liquid liners be flimsy and create uneven thickness. I’ve also had some liquid markers get brittle and dry before they’ve run out. I’ve even had some markers get droopy and squishy at the point, which renders them pretty much useless! But this liner is incredibly smooth, creates easy, flowing lines, and because it’s a marker, it’s reliable. It’s a chiseled marker which gives it a harder edge (so it doesn’t droop or go brittle) and let’s you choose between a thin point, or a thicker blunt side. One of the best things about this eyeliner is that it has the grasp and precision of a marker, but allows you to also have the thinness and sleekness of a pen. It’s all around a great product and I’d definitely recommend anyone to try it out.

Love and Beauty – Forever 21
This is the current eyeliner pen I’ve been using. I really like the quality of Forever 21’s makeup products and as far as a sleek, dark, long lasting eyeliner, this pen is amazing. Unfortunately, I have found that with most of Forever 21’s eyeliners, they stop working pretty quickly (at least compared to some pens I’ve been able to use for almost a whole year). That’s the trade off you get for their super low prices. This is the third new style of eyeliner I’ve bought from them in the past year or so, because the other two have already stopped working. As I said though, when it comes to a clean, super thin, beautiful line, this is a great, high quality product that deserves a test run.

Pumped Up Colossal – Maybelline
Most days I slather on some eyeliner and run out the door, I’m that lazy when it comes to makeup. But if I’m going out on a date, interview, seeing an old friend, anything a little more special than errands or nannying, I’ll dab on some mascara! I am addicted to Maybelline’s Volume Express collection and have probably tried every single style. Their mascara has proven to be long lasting (both throughout the day, and the bottle itself in general too), high quality, and all around fun. I recently picked up Pumped up Colossal and haven’t been disappointed. It doesn’t clump and leaves my eyelashes sleek and chic. While I might not say Pumped Up is my all time favorite of the Maybelline brand, I’d definitely say it gets the job done.

— Brey

38 thoughts on “My Current, Lazy, Everyday Makeup.

  1. You have made me want to try master graphic now! PS Maybellines Lash Sensational is amazing! I was using colossal before this one, and WOW what a difference.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You are so welcome! Let me know if you try it Xo

        PS went on a hunt this weekend for master graphic, and not even walmart had it!! =(


      2. Ive tried CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aide, and Duane Reade around my house, and NOTHING! It seems this one is super popular ❤


  2. My favorite Mascara is a two in one by MAC called Naughty. The pigment is rich and so I don’t use it daily. But on a trip recently leaving MAC at home by accident I picked up the Maybeline Colossal from the drug store and I heart it.


  3. You know, I used to go pretty hardcore on my makeup, but in the last few years, I’ve whittled my routine down to some good basics that are easy to apply and make me feel pretty. It’s nothing glamorous, and I’d love an excuse to buy “funner” makeup, but whatever – basic is not always boring. 🙂


  4. There was a time I wouldn’t leave the house without mascara, eye shadow, and bright purple eyeliner! I can’t tell whether I’ve gotten lazier or accepted my face the way it is. I think it’s mostly laziness.

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