Quick Update // October Madness.

Good morning everyone!

If you have been a loyal, long time reader of Ordinary Adventures, then you might have noticed an alarming amount of reposts this week. Yes, this is intentional, and I am very aware and very disgruntled about it. At the beginning of the week, I had high hopes. I woke up on Monday morning ready to face whatever the coming days would bring and I felt so great. I walked into work with a smile on my face, determined to have a successful, amazing week.

Ten minutes later I was neck deep in one of the most horrible, stressful weeks I’ve had to face in a long, long time. I’ve driven home in tears everyday, biting my acrylic nails, shaking from frustration. It hasn’t been “one of those days”, it’s been a whole new level of trying to figure out how to handle and cope with the situations at hand day after day. I’ve even been coming in an hour early, and staying late for another one or two. Work and vexation has even followed me home with errands and tasks to manage. And of course, all of which has messed with my sleep schedule, daily routine, and sanity in general.

So there’s been that.

On top of it all, as mentioned above, my blogging has suffered as well. My tidiness, healthiness, and mental health have suffered.

And that is why I am proclaiming that this weekend is a “Sanity Protection Weekend“. I will not email coworkers or parents. I will not leave the house to see company. I will not make plans or go on day trips. I will not talk or go anywhere I don’t want to.

Instead, I will blog, write, read, clean, sleep, veg out, play games, cuddle with my husband, make lists, probably cry, eat good food, and live in a quiet, little bubble. Just for 48, way too short hours. Because even though I’ve been having a blast lately, going on adventures and trips this month, I’ve been exhausted. I need to recharge.

I’m hoping (not promising), that after this weekend, I will finally get around to finishing those 30+ drafts for OA. Because even though you guys are so patient and amazing, I am so excited to get new posts out! Let me tell you, I have an outstanding line up in store for you all.

So to end this rant with an abrupt and peaceful note, I will share with you all a the most perfect gif ever created.

— Brey