Motivation // It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Another repost for you guys. But still so relevant and encouraging. 
Last week’s Workout Wednesday was quite the failure. Since then, I have felt frustrated and I’ve been trying hard to turn things around this week. While I am succeeding, comparatively at least, I can’t help but feel like my current strides for a healthier life are falling short.

I always heard that when wanting to get healthy or lose weight, that you have to make a life style change. Crash diets, binge exercising, or diet pills aren’t the answer. At least not long term. To become truly healthy, to lose weight and keep it off, or whatever the goals is, one has to work at it, every day.

And even though I do understand that, it’s daunting and difficult to keep up. Especially on days when I eat junk food in excess or skip my workout at home and the gym, it can be discouraging.

But then I saw my motivation. I saw a simple sentence that helped me put this desire for a healthy life in perspective. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. It’ll be long, and hard. But it’ll be worth it. I’ll trip, or slow down, but I’ll reach the finish line and be so darn proud.

I had to remember that my goal isn’t to lose those last five pounds, or cut out soda for the rest of my life. My goal is to be fit and healthy and strong. And that will take time and I’m ok with that.

— Brey