Blog Stalking // Sea of Shoes.

I am a very new fan and stalker of Jane Aldridge’s blog, Sea of Shoes. I actually came across it through Bloglovin just this past weekend. But I literally, instantly fell head over heals in love with the twenty-three year old’s website. Since then I have spent an exorbitant amount of time browsing through her hundreds of pages of unique and awesome style, and honestly, I’m still trying to get over her hair. It is perfect.

When I went all the way back to the start to her very first posts, I saw just how much Jane’s blog and style had transformed and evolved over the years. In the past eight years, she has come out as her own amazing model, fashion icon, and photographer. She has made an incredible life and blog since then, and I am so glad I get to stalk through it.

Unfortunately there isn’t even an About page anywhere on her site or any social media, and her interviews are limited, so I don’t know too much about Jane. What I can tell through her posts, blurbs, and discussions, is that she seems down to earth, funny, and very witty. She loves food, decor, unique pieces, and astonishing style; not to mention photographing all of it! As you peruse her archives you’ll see exquisite set ups for both her gourmet food (that she cooked!) and fabulous outfits. She is bold, blunt, beautiful, and just looking at her hair and style makes me feel the urge to dye my hair red again!

So, while I sadly don’t have too much more to say or info on this amazing gal, I’ll just share some of her photos, which will speak for themselves!

I don’t know about you, but she takes my breath away! I’m decently picky when it comes to beauty/style blogs, especially ones singularly about fashion. Although, her style actually seems doable, regal, and so fun and interesting. Her site, style, and self are all unique and maybe not everyone’s cup of tea. But for me, her whole blog just clicks. So while I am a new reader, I am definitely going to be one for a long, long time.

Lastly. Seriously, oh god, her hair!

— Brey