Finding the Will to Clean

I was lucky enough to get Columbus day off yesterday. Drew unfortunately still ventured off to work, so I found myself home alone and holding a long to do list. I don’t know why, but those kind of days are the days I get the most done. I am able to get in a zone, have my own shows or music blasting, and just get down to business. I did laundry, cooked dinner, did meal prep for Tuesday’s dinner, changed the sheets, rearranged the living room, fixed the vacuum cleaner, vacuumed, organized, washed, scrubbed, and cleaned the house. The living room is finally clean and open enough to move around in and comfortably hold both Drew’s and my own desk. I have to admit, the room looks totally different and totally gorgeous.

At least comparatively.

It’s been really hard for me to clean the house and do chores lately. The double edged sword to that problem is that I can’t work at my full capacity in a dirty space either. So not only did my house get little piles of clothes, mail, and random everyday resources, but I also couldn’t move forward with a lot of things. I wasn’t using my desk, so instead I sat in bed all day after work, which ended up in long, unplanned naps everyday. It also brought down my writing time, me time, and overall mental health. I was a sloth in a slob.

But on Monday, I rearranged my living room and I now am currently perched at my desk, in my own space, with a great view of Drew and my TV. I’m in love and way more efficient already. I’ve been watching tutorials and reading articles I have had bookmarked for months and couldn’t bring myself to get around to. With a clean kitchen and my own bubble, I’ve been cooking and writing and just feeling better.

I have to send a little shout out to my lovely cousin Grace who gave me the inspiration to clean. I had no idea how much the clutter of my house was effecting me. How much being confined to my bed was dragging me down. When I went to visit her this past weekend, I have to say, I was little in awe at how tidy and perfect her room looked. Everything had it’s own place, the room felt so spacious and open, and it felt good to be somewhere in order. After the first night there I knew that I had to get home and make some changes.

So now I encourage you all to do the same! Even if messes don’t give you writers/life block, or you’re the most comfortable in your bed, create a clean, creative space for yourself. It’ll do wonders.

Let’s keep this motion rolling!

— Brey