Blog Stalking // Yoga Girl.

Hey there, readers –

This is less of a blog stalking and more of a life inspiration. Every blog that has been reviewed in this series has been encouragement for change of either my own site, my own health and goals, or my own life. Each has pushed and motivated me to get better in some way. And this segment is no different.

Rachel Brathen aka Yoga Girl is one of the most amazing, truly beautiful people inside and out, that I have ever come across.

I first found her last spring on Instagram. I was intrigued by her photos, talent, and athleticism. Not long after I first started stalking her, tragedy struck her life. Her best friend died in a horrible accident, she had major emergency surgery, her grandmother died, and then her dog passed. Mixed in those tragic few months, she also got married, and grew her business, finished the draft of her first book, and kept living. During those initial, heart breaking weeks, her heart poured out in daily posts. She was so blunt, so honest, so raw, so broken, and she shared it all. More than that, she shared her very real, very long, but very tender healing process.

Watching her life unfold, and then her put it back together, made me fall in love with her. She was a guiding light and (unfortunately) a model to anyone suffering and dealing with life. She was so authentic and so beautiful in her mourning and in her recovery.

A year later, I still follow and stalk her daily on Instagram. Actually, today I follow her on insta, snapchat (the only celebrity type person I follow on there), Facebook, and I check her blog repetitively.

I do all that because, calamity is not the only reason to follow Yoga Girl. Rachel is a world traveler, surfer, yoga expert, motivational speaker, author, dancer, health guru, chef, and just such a beautiful soul. She still is brutally raw and open with her followers when it comes to her emotions and journey through life. She posts videos of her daily yoga practices, teaches all over the world, shares every step of her adventures, and does just about everything with joy!

While I do stalk Rachel’s blog, I would recommend her other social avenues way more. Definitely start with Instagram and then Snapchat, and then her blog. Her blog is a great place to see longer posts and articles, but they aren’t as personal, frequent and unique.

On all these online services (especially snapchat), you will encounter her stories of rescuing many animals all over her island, healthy recipes she makes from scratch, daily yoga practices, poetry, songs, silliness, workout routines, nature, happiness, love, and so much more. No matter what you are looking for or are interested in, there is something for you on her social media. Even if online sources aren’t your thing, check out her TV appearances, her many magazine articles, and her best selling book that came out this year!

Sneak a peak into Yoga Girl’s life and be inspired.

— Brey