October Goals.

Good morning everyone!

It’s October. The year is blurring to an end. Pretty soon we’ll be thinking about sitting under the tree, carols crooning in the background, snow falling outside… But before I get ahead of myself, there’s still time to enjoy fall! And honestly, the best way to enjoy it, is to make the most of it.

Grace has the right idea, and she definitely shared something I can learn from. I’m going to keep it simple this month. Sure, I could ramble on about twenty different aspects of my life and what changes could make them all better. But just like September, I’d end up being bogged down, and ultimately frustrated that I didn’t go further. So I’ll go easy on myself this October. Just a few goals, some I know I can attain if I really put my mind to it.

Go to the gym once a week.
I’m excited about this one. Mostly because it’s not my main fitness goal, but it’s still something I know I can squeeze in while I’m rearranging my schedules. It’s attainable and a great first goal. Honestly though, in the back of my mind, I’m hoping that once I go once or twice, I’ll remember how good it feels to be back. Paired with that and feeling better physically lately, I hope that I’ll find myself going to the gym maybe more than just once. We’ll see, but at least I know my goal and am confident I can complete it.

No sweets October.
This is where team work, encouragement, and accountability comes in. Grace is going to be my wing man this month and will steer me clear of all those sugary snacks out there. Not sugar in general. I’m not cutting out every processed food that may or may not have a hint of sugar mixed in. Just the stuff that in reality makes me feel bloated, gross, and kind of nauseous. So that’s donuts, ice cream, candy, Oreos, all cookies, baked goods, etc. Most of this hasn’t been a problem for me in a long while, but since my co-workers have started leaving goodies laying out all the time, I’ve been slipping back. So this challenge will be harder than ever.

But even as I was drafting this out last night, I opened up a small tub of ice cream. I don’t even like ice cream. I took a few bites and felt sick to my stomach. Why did I even do that? Is a taste of sugar really that important to me? No more, let’s cut it out.

Lastly, no more soda September is being continued. I did catch myself at Chipotle a few times, staring at the Mr. Pibb fountain. Luckily I had my cousin there to back me up through text. But overall, I didn’t really miss soda. What I did find myself doing more than once was grabbing some juice, some tea, and was even tempted by a Red Bull! It made me realize I was just trying to substitute my sugar elsewhere, and that’s not ok. So for October, not only no soda, but no juice, or any other drink other than water!

One recipe a week.
This past week Iย finallyย got around to creating my Pinterest cookbook. The finishing touches and print job have not been accomplished, but I’m excited to sit down this coming weekend and put the whole book together. That way I can also start picking recipes, creating grocery lists, and possibly even meal plans! All of that will gear me up and get me organized to begin creating at least one recipe a week. I’m going to be focusing on dinners and things that can create leftovers for more dinners or lunches to go. Mmmm, maybe a potroast, or some stew will be my first dish…

My first three goals this month coincide with each other quite nicely. Working out will get me hungry and active. After cutting out all my sugary food and drink, I’ll feel better and more up to going to the gym. And without eating all that junk instead of dinner, I’ll be wanting to create more meals and have more recipes. It’s all intertwined. I’m excited to see the three of them link up and make me feel good and strong.

But I’m not getting offย that easily. I have decided to throw one more goal my way this month.

Decide what to apply to. Or not to apply to. Life. Figure life out.
I will tell you guys all the details later, this coming Monday during my “Get to Know Me”, but I think I’m going to be starting grad school this coming semester. To do so, I have to pick which degree I’m going to pursue, and more importantly, which application to fill out! Applications are due November 1, so this month’s goal is to decide my plan of action, decide my major, meet and get advice from a ton of people, and throw in my application. You know, just make a concrete decision on not only what I’ll be doing for the next three to five years, but possibly my whole life. No biggy.

While I still laid out four pretty substantial goals, I have spent this past month training and taking the first steps for each of them. Now with soda gone, cookies shouldn’t be the biggest hurdle. I’ve been focusing and pushing myself to get up and get walking this month, so stopping by the gym once a week shouldn’t be outrageous. I’ve spent a huge chunk of time preparing my glorious cookbook, so finally getting one in the oven shouldn’t be ridiculously hard. And lastly, I’ve spent the past 6 weeks racking my mind and talking to tons of important and lovely people, getting the information I need to make the right decisions.

So here goes nothing. Be kind to me October.

— Brey