Workout Wednesdays // Week two.

I have finished my first week challenge!

And I failed.

The “perfect pin” workout kicked my butt. I don’t know if I am just ver lazy, not in a regular routine, or I just chose a very hard workout to start out. I aimed for 5 times a week and I need to be honest with you all, I only did it once. Once.

c7ba1adf4bfa17840300ca95d96a918aI do have some excuses. I was sore from the actual gym, I had company over the whole weekend, I worked 45+ hours, I had my anniversary, etc. I am still disappointed and frustrated with my end results this week.

The Perfect Pin workout review.
The one day I did do this workout, man, it was tough. I was sore the next day! I was out of breath, sweating, and my heart was pounding. For an at home workout, I was thoroughly wiped. I mean, two hundred and forty jumping jacks? Phew.
I realized that this pin might have been a little extreme to start out with. This might not have been helpful for someone who is just starting to workout, but I would definitely recommend it to a more seasoned athlete.

Despite my epic failure, I still see that I did make some progress. Last week I worked out… zero times. Even though I only worked out once this week, it is still more! It is still a step in the right direction.

I decided to change gears for this coming week.

The ball is now rolling, now matter how slow that roll is. The hurdle of getting my butt of the couch, to give up a few minutes a day, to better myself… it has begun. This week is a cool down compared to lasts. Not only is it a quiet reward for two hundred and fourty jumping jacks, but it will also help me reach another goal I have for myself in the long run. Even through almost two decades of dancing, I never achieved the splits. I know it is a long way off and an almost impossible goal, but why not try?

This weeks workout is a mix of yoga (which I keep meaning/wanting/needing to try), split training, and strengthening my body. Although, this time around, I will be aiming for just three times a week. If I do more…. Great!

Find some time everyday to not only work your body, but find the peace it deserves! I’ll let you know how it helps next Wednesday.

— Brey