The 95ers // The importance of girl time.

Hello all –

As my one year wedding anniversary draws near, I cannot help but think back on the past 6 years of our relationship. Under odd circumstances, teenage stupidity, and desperate measures, there was a lot of smiles, laughs, tears, and cringe worthy moments. When our relationship first started, I latched on to Drew like he was a life preserver in the middle of the atlantic ocean. As a consequence, a lot of my friendships faltered and even crumbled during the first few years I began my journey with Drew. I sometimes blame this past on why my number of girl friends have diminished over the years. In other words, during my high school years I spent too much time idolizing a boy instead of making lasting female friendships. It seems though, that the quality quantity time I yearned for with Drew as a immature fourteen year old has finally come under circumstances that are now correct.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy with the results of my silly fourteen year old self and don’t regret our course we followed. But if you asked me if I could go back now, with the knowledge, growth, and love I’ve acquired, I would change quite a few things. I would see the importance of not just Drew’s love and company, but the specialness of girl friends and time as well.

Another part of me blames my cynical, high standard aiming, awkward personality for why I am quick to close myself off. Either way, I find my day to day life usually puttering away at work or alone around the house, or spending quality time with my husband. I do have my few lovely, dear, intimate friends that I truly adore. Distance, time, and life get in the way a lot of the time though.

With all that being said, I am so elated that I got to spend this weekend before my anniversary the way I spent the weekend before my wedding: with my two favorite cousins. These two ladies and I were all born in the year 1995 and the chances of all this happening seem more than fate. Since birth (literally), these girls have been two of my closest friends. Here we are, twenty years later and we still can’t be separated.

During this weekend, I was reminded the importance of having girl time. Even if it was just to catch up or get a pedicure (which we did!), it is so therapeutic to sit down with your girls and let off some steam.

I definitely wouldn’t be able to stay sane spending the same amount of time with my gals as I do with Drew, but getting out and having fun with friends is healthy. So, as I move forward with work, my anniversary, and my life, I’ll be sure to include more girl time into the mix.

— Brey